A day in the life of the FOKN BOIS / Coz Ov Moni

Coz OV Moni, Produced by Panji Anoff, Written by the FOKN Bois, Directed by King Luu. OFFICIAL SITE

Everything apparently takes place on one extra ooh day in the lives of Ghana’s home-grown FOKN Bois, who present the world’s first ever pidgin movie musical.  There hasn’t been an opportunity to see the movie yet and who knows when a screening will take place in Amsterdam, but I hear the collaboration between musicians Wanlov and Mensa has produced a gem. Shame if you Londoner’s missed its première at Brixton’s Ritzy’s cinema a couple of months ago, which had this phrase being used somewhere to describe it “get out the Kente carpet”.  Seriously, I couldn’t help but cringe.   Anyway, big up to their participation in the film festivals.  It all helps showcase Ghana’s talented creatives.

p.s. eeish Jacqueline I am feeling your début as the hot chick on the beach. Fit body gyal !

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