Sebastião Salgado

The Kamchatka peninsula, one of the most remote and barren places on earth. In the latest stage of his mammoth Genesis project, photographer Sebastião Salgado manages to capture a surreal and overwhelming beauty in a desolate land inhabited by volcanoes and bears. I am so in awe. He moves my spirit, from Genesis (ongoing) to Afrika (2005).  Sometimes I am concerned about how images such as his have come to be the norm when categorizing African photography. Then again I consider him more of an artist with an exceptional eye. Capable of truly capturing beauty, pain, desolation, and still manage to be the ultimate photo journalist.  Documenting with emotional sensitivity and a huge amount of revolutionary genius.  His favorite adjective is “enormous”.

“I am from a poor country and I have spent a lot of time working in poor countries. I don’t photograph them to make the rich feel guilty. I photograph them because it’s my life, it’s what I like doing.” Times interview

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