Greg Payce

Possible Worlds

When eyes are fooled, imaginations are thrown open wide. Realms between the virtual and the real contain unique narrative possibility. The negative spaces between ceramic albarelli become strange, non-dimensional, yet oddly three- dimensional images. Archetypal relationships between human and vessel cannot help but materialize.

In domestic contexts, pottery functions as an understated opportunity to introduce tactile, useful, visual, and intellectual, experience into people’s lives: often with subtle and profound effect. Approaches from within the discourse of ceramics are paramount in my work. Physically viewing static, domestic -scale ceramic objects – in real time, and three- dimensional space, was the initial strategy. Virtual re-mediation of these ceramic forms is providing other unique possibilities for both dissemination and scale with the works.

In the new video and lenticular photographic works, concepts grow as a pantheon of images, forms, experiences, information, ideas, emotion, and memory converge. The albarelli become chance players in a universe where the odd, but interesting connections between ideas and objects may become tangible. Greg Payce

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