Cherry has always been outspoken about the tension between commercialism and artistic integrity, particularly when it comes to women working in the music business. Most recently, Cherry has articulated her frustration at the hyper-sexualisation of acts like Katy Perry; “it’s not being over-sexed that’s actually the problem!” she laughs. “It’s the way it happens. It’s the flavour of the over-sexualisation. It’s not for women, it’s not about women.”

The recent controversy surrounding internet phenomenon Lana Del Rey causes Cherry a different concern: “I find her scary. Not to diss her, but there is something sinister and scary about that whole thing”. Thinking about Del Rey’s ascendance from brown-haired internet star who made her own videos, to ultra-stylised pop starlet, now cavorting across car bonnets, male co-stars clutching her throat as she writhes is orgasmic ecstasy, Cherry exclaims “Sometimes I sound like an old biddy but… what happened? Something went really wrong along the way.”

“Women need to learn a fucking instrument! Learn how to programme beats, become a producer. There still aren’t enough women operating the machines, you know? No disrespect, because a group of ladies singing together is irreplaceable, but if I hear another girl singing group, I could almost lay down and bang my head against the floor.”


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