Author: Shirley

I am a self proclaimed procrastinator with a healthy imagination. I have spent most of my life keeping scrap books in some shape or form. Usually it's journals/daily dairies crammed full with special tickets, programs, post cards or ripped out pages of magazines and newspapers - not even my books escape this stuffing because I am always enchanted when I reread a book years later and discover hidden treasures.

It has been a hot summer minute since anything new has really tickled my bougie ears.  I still don’t really know what #LIVINGROOMTODAY is about.  I love a fucking mystery.  I assume its a live n direct collective of visual sound artists…if I can be so bold to call them that.  That is all I can make of it now. Its young, provocative, sensitive and sometimes revolutionary with its content, but most of all its very good and bloody interesting.

Note to self: Japanase porn.